Shabi Ke Mah Kamel Shod (original title) / 2019 / crime, romance, drama / 2h 1min /
written by Narges Abyar, Morteza Esfahani / directed by Narges Abyar /
country: Iran / language: Persian | Urdu with English subtitles

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“Cross-pollinating political drama, historical events, a love story and a horror movie into one edge-of-seat narrative, Narges Abyar confirms herself as one of Iran’s most exciting new directing talents in When the Moon Was Full. After two films dealing with the human price of the Iran-Iraq war (Track 143 and Breath), she tackles Al-Qaeda head-on in an operatic over-the-topper that, terrifyingly enough, is based on a true story. In a rosy, romantic dream gone wrong, very wrong, the last half-hour is sheer horror. The film swept up best film, best director and three acting awards at Iran’s national film festival in February and will probably win more prizes wherever it plays.”
(source: The Hollywood Reporter)

“Abdolhamid and Faezeh begin their married life happy and in love. But soon Faezeh becomes aware of Abdolhamid’s family is doing some nefarious business. They elope, but not before her brother Abdolhamid finds out – a true terrorist.”
(source: Darkroom)

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