2019 / Drama, Crime, Political Thriller / 1h 35min / directed by Zuko Nodada /
country: South Africa / language: English

“Directed by South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) Award-winning director, Zuko Nodada, Uncovered is a new South African thriller about a fearless female journalist who takes on a corrupt mine tycoon.
This action drama – which tackles some of the South Africa’s most sensitive current issues including the political landscape, culture and the (mis)use of the land – was inspired by a true story of the people of Richards Bay, who were embroiled in a court battled with Somkhele Coal Mine to force it to halt its operations for health reasons.”

“The highly anticipated movie, Uncovered, which premiered on Friday, August 30 2019, has received critical acclaim for its unique storyline and phenomenal production value. The long-awaited movie tells the story of a fearless female journalist who finds herself on a mission to expose a corrupted mine magnate. Uncovered delves into a number of the country’s most sensitive subjects such as land and the political culture, breaking boundaries into uncharted territories for a South African production. The film showcases women in a powerful light, as it highlights the courageousness of the lead character and her ambition to become one the most well-known journalists in the country.”


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