2022 / documentary / 1hr 23 min /
directed by Mandana Biscotti /
country: Iran / language: English /

“The incredible untold story of monumental artist and humanitarian Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian, who NPR hailed as “one of the 50 greatest voices of all time.” When Iran’s ayatollah banned music and performances in the entire country, instruments and records became contraband, and being an artist resulted in exile, imprisonment, or execution. Mohammad Reza Shajarian risked everything to confront the regime, singing truth to power and uniting the country as his voice grew to a chorus of 80 million people strong. His life-long humanitarian efforts, pursuit of equality and freedom of speech are immortalized for generations to come, through his majestic, soaring vocals and lyrics. Directed by Mandana Biscotti, The film features the original song “DUST & ASH” – with music and Lyrics by J. Ralph and performed by Norah Jones and J. Ralph featuring Mojgan Shajarian, the film subject’s daughter.”

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