2020 / documentary / 1h 30min /
directed by Andrés Bronnimann /
country: Costa Rica / language: English /

*Streaming Now

“What connects us? THE UNIVERSALITY OF IT ALL, a feature-length documentary by Andrés Bronnimann, explores this simple yet complex question with profound perspective and intimate detail. Told through the lens of the filmmaker’s longtime friendship with his college roommate Emad, a Yemeni refugee, Bronniman examines the subject of human migration and how it relates to such varied topics as climate change, colonialism, neoliberalism, globalization, identity politics, fertility rates, wealth gaps, trade wars, terrorism, and the media. Taking viewers on a journey around the world, the film analyzes various cases of migration from economic and historical viewpoints, arriving at the realization of our shared interconnectedness amidst the major events of the 21st century.”

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