2020 / documentary / 81min / Original Title: Africa MIA
directed by Richard Minier and Edouard Salier /
country: France, Mali, Cuba / language: French, Bambara, Spanish with English subtitles

* Coming Soon

“Vibrant, touching, colorful, this film is a magnificent celebration of life and music.”
– Le Figaro –

“In the midst of the Cold War, ten young promising musicians from Mali are sent to Cuba to study music and strengthen cultural links between the two socialist countries. Combining Malian and Afro-Cuban influences, they develop a revolutionary new sound and become the iconic ensemble ‘Las Maravillas de Mali’. New Year’s Eve 2000. Richard Minier, a French music producer meets a former member of the band in Bamako and decides to bring the band back together.”

(source: official movie site)

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