2021 / drama / 1h 35min /
directed by Rajat Kapoor / written by Rajat Kapoor /
country: India / language: Hindi with English subtitles

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“Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, “RK/RKAY” will make you laugh while making you question reality, mortality, anxiety, and the nature of free will. Not bad for a 90 minute film.”
– Neely Swanson, Easy Reader

“RK is a filmmaker (played by Rajat Kapoor), making a new picture in which he also plays the lead character of Mahboob. With a high-maintenance actress as the female lead Gulabo (Mallika Sherawat), the film-within-a film is a retro tribute to the cinema of the 1960s. When shooting is finished, and the editing begins, RK has a sinking feeling that the film is not going to come together, that this time he has really screwed up. Sure enough, one afternoon RK gets a call from the editing room – something terrible has happened. Mahboob has “run away, run out of the film” and somehow has entered the real world.”

(source: Outsider Pictures)

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