2020 / documentary, music / 1h 33min /
directed by Simon Sheridan / written by Simon Sheridan /
country: UK / language: English

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“Overall this is a masterful bit of storytelling — about a brilliant band, who, after decades of being all but written out of history, deserve nothing less.”
– Joe Muggs, The Arts Desk

“Dubbed ‘the black Beatles’ by the British tabloids, the ‘other’ four lads from Liverpool recount their incredible story from the tough streets of Toxteth to the bright lights of New York. A journey of international stardom as Britain’s pioneering million-selling soul and funk band. Against a backdrop of prejudice and political turmoil in the 1970s, The Real Thing were the first all-black British band to hit #1 in the UK pop charts, with the universally-loved ‘You To Me Are Everything’.”

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