2020 / drama crime fantasy / 1h 9min /
written by David Torres / directed by David Torres/
country: Mexico / language: Spanish with English subtitles /

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“Inspired by true events, with a surreal aesthetic and disruptive narrative that underscores the disenchantment and dangers of investigative journalism in Mexico, EL HOMBRE BÚFALO follows Eric, a young journalist in Mexico City who stops writing after he receives death threats. Obsessed with an elderly homeless man who has dementia and a mythical being who takes care of abandoned children, he decides to write again, even if it costs him his life.

Since 2000, over 100 journalists have been killed in Mexico – rated by the Reporters Without Borders organization as the most dangerous country without war in which to practice journalism, behind only Afghanistan and Syria.

“A film where real horror and indifference goes hand in hand… Excellent.” –Midnight Movies

“Torres evokes an almost-Lynchian mood that succeeds at creating a feeling that draws us in and keeps us engaged.” –The Sound View”

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