In collaboration with Red Nation Celebration Institute.


” In Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Red Nation Celebration Institute, RNCI Red Nation International Film Festival partners with Lumiere Cinema (Music Hall) in a ‘monthly film series‘ beginning March 5, 2020.

‘This is ground-breaking for American Indian & Indigenous filmmakers. Never in the history of cinema has there been a home in the entertainment capitol of the world for year round programing of Indigenous independent films. Native filmmakers will now have a permanent home where native independent films will screen once a month’ – states Joanelle Romero, founder of Red Nation Intl’ Film Festival, ‘Not only will we be screening films but we are in Beverly Hills down the street from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.’

Tickets for the festival will be available through Eventbrite in the spring.

More news to be announced. “

–of Native Women in Film

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