Original title: Segredos do Putumayo / 2020 / documentary / 1h 23min /
written by André Finotti, Danilo Gullane, Aurélio Michiles / directed by Aurélio Michiles /
country: Brazil / language: English, Spanish, Portuguese with English subtitles /

“In 1910, the British consul in Rio de Janeiro, Roger Casement, undertook an investigation into allegations of crimes against humanity committed against indigenous communities by the British-financed Peruvian Amazon Company. Recording what he witnessed in a diary, Secrets of the Putumayo reveals a system of industrialized abuse and slavery that, once exposed, shook the foundations of the modern world. It is a story that we have tried hard to forget. More than a century later, the struggles of those same Amazon communities for rights to self-determination and basic justice endure in the face of new waves of market-led development.”

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