V.Mayakovsky (also known as) / 2019 / documentary, biography, drama / 2h 2min / directed by Alexander Shein / country: Russia / language: Russian with English subtitles

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Vladimir Mayakovsky’s work is perhaps the only example of a fusion of poetic and political revolutions. He became a symbol of political renewal for an entire generation and was a major figure in the Russian Futurist movement, believing that art and society would reject the past and strive for a new consciousness. Featuring stage and screen legends Chulpan Khamatova, Evgeniy Mironov and Yuri Kolokolnikov, director Alexander Shein brilliantly manages to employ a non-linear and iconoclastic style for VMayakovsy that captures this incendiary poetic talent in a dazzling, energetic collage of impressions that deftly avoids the trappings of a typical docu-drama.

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