El Cuento de las Comadrejas (original title) / 2020 / comedy, drama / 2h 9min /
written by Darren Kloomok, Juan José Campanella / directed by Juan José Campanella /
based upon “Los muchachos de antes no usaban arsénico” by Augusto Giustozzi, José A. Martínez Suárez
country: Argentina | Spain / language: Spanish with English subtitles

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Watch a bilingual Q&A about “The Weasels’ Tale” with star and legendary actress Graciela Borges, moderated by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and film programmer Robert Rosenberg here.

“Old-fashioned fare with an up-to-date edge…enjoyably over-the-top.” -The Hollywood Reporter

“An homage to the golden age of Argentine cinema…with the irony, snappy retorts and humor of Campanella’s filmmaking.”-Clarín

“A delicious metacinematic black comedy.” -El Mundo

“From Juan José Campanella, the director of the Oscar Award-winning The Secret in Their Eyes, comes The Weasels’ Tale (El cuento de las comadrejas), a comedic thriller that stars a bumper crop of well-known older Argentine actors. The film is the story of a group of four long-time friends, including a used-to-be-famous actress, her now disabled husband and an actor as well, who she eclipsed, and the sharp-tongued screenwriter and director of her greatest hits. Their coexistence is menaced by a young couple who, feigning to be lost, slowly insinuate themselves into their lives. It’s Sunset Boulevard meets The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, with a Latin twist. Financial gain, seduction, betrayal, and memories run amok are the elements that create the recipe for this delightful game of cat…and weasel.”

(source: Outsider Pictures)

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