2021 / short film, drama / 21mins /
written by Alison Stover, Joe Benedetto / directed by Joe Benedetto, Alison Stover /
country: USA / language: English

“The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland takes you on a journey into the gaslighting and confusion of life post trauma. In the aftermath of an abusive relationship Charlotte doesn’t know her own mind. She can’t remember the girl she once was and is now redefined by lies and by the messages of her abuser. She’s struggling with agoraphobia and rarely leaves the house. Panic and depression overwhelm her. Her isolation is exacerbated by the fact that she no longer knows her own mind. There’s promise of life for Charlotte. It comes in the form of small moments, tiny revelations, and flashes of happiness through the people who have not given up on her. Small acts of kindness, new relationships, the steadfastness of true friends, and a helpful therapist help her untangle the lies she’s now based her self image upon. In the end Charlotte finds her soul again and is reborn stronger and happier than before. She regains the light inside her that once had been lost. The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland is based on a true story. Writer Alison Stover overcame the effects of abuse but it took many years. Many Hollywood stories portray healing from this type of trauma in relation to the abuser, when for many survivors healing is a painful process that takes place over a long period of time and long after the abuser is gone.”

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