2020 / documentary / 1hr 27min /
directed by Mina Keshavarz /
country: Iran / language: Persian with English subtitles

Tickets on sale soon/

“Director Mina Keshavarz recently discovered a family secret about her grandmother’s death. Her grandmother, forced to marry at a young age, gave birth to seven children and took her own life at the age of 35 during her eighth pregnancy. Domestic violence against women is an impractical concept under Iranian law that regards daughters and wives as the property of patriarchs. Mina sees her grandmother’s suicide as “revenge for all injustice” and goes out onto the streets with five female lawyers who have raised their voices on gender equality and criminalization of domestic violence. The Art of Living in Danger retraces the past and present status of Iranian women with the director’s intimate voice-over. —KANG Sowon, BIFF

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