2021 / drama / 1h 20min /
written by: Whitney Call, Mallory Everton / directed by: Mallory Everton, Stephen Meek /
country: USA / language: English /

“It’s February 2020. Sisters Jamie and Blake Jerikovic have big dreams of what lies ahead this year—world travel, family vacations, buying stock in airlines and hotels. Jamie has won over her fourth grade class by adopting Bert and Ernie, two pet mice, and Blake has finally gone on a decent date, mainly composed of a 6-hour bounce house makeout witnessed by multiple families.

Then the most historic of buzzkills comes barrelling in—COVID-19. Life, and all its beautiful plans, comes to a sudden standstill. What even matters? Why even care? How long has my tampon been in? Two days? No one knows.

Jamie buries herself in mundane tasks, while Blake spaces out on the toilet for two hours at a time—neither one dealing well with the end of their professional/social/romantic lives. The sisters then discover a week-old letter informing them of a COVID outbreak at their beloved grandma’s nursing home in Washington. They call the facility and realize the place is a warzone, with high death tolls and a frazzled staff. Jamie and Blake immediately reach out to their sister Erin, who lives close to Nana, only to discover that Erin has taken advantage of ridiculously cheap cruise prices and is out at sea. Erin assures her sisters she’ll be back to pick up Nana in three days when her very safe cruise (that stocks soap in “almost all of the bathrooms”) has ended. Jamie and Blake realize they’ll have to road trip from New Mexico to Washington as fast as they can to save Nana from their infected, oblivious sister.
Along the way, the girls sort through frantic calls about randy grandpas, surprise mice babies, and toilet dick pics, all while trying to beat Erin to the nursing home before she stumbles off her COVID death cruise and inadvertently murders every old person inside. In order to save their Nana, Jamie and Blake must dig deep into reserves they didn’t know they had, and remember what it’s like to care, to try, and to think about putting deodorant on again.
Just kidding. There was no deodorant in the making of this film.”

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