2020 / short film / 25min /
written by Nich Esposito / directed by Nich Esposito /
country: USA / language: English /

Screens Just Once/ Wednesday, 9/23, 9:00pm/
All Tickets $6.00

“A sponsored project of Film Independent, “speaking.” is a 20-minute absurdist comedy film satirizing the self-absorbed epic cinema of the past.”

“Speaking is an award-winning absurdist comedy short film about the first cavewoman ever to speak. A satire of classic “male-centric” cinema and the self-importance of historical epics. A contemplation on the meaning of meaning, and the silliness of man’s structures. Because what is life but a fat poop in your hand, anyway?”

“Cannes Court Metrage 2021, Winner “Best Parody Short” Independent Shorts Awards October 2020, “Best Makeup” Red Movie Awards July 2021, “Best Special Makeup” IndieX Fest November 2020, “Outstanding Original Score” “Outstanding Sound Design” & “Outstanding Makeup” Indie Shorts Awards December 2020, Official Selection: LA Comedy Festival, Portland Comedy Festival, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Venice Shorts, Montreal Independent Film Festival, Independent Shorts Awards, IndieX Fest, Indie Shorts Awards, Lonely Wolf Film Festival, Night of Comedy Shorts, LA Underground Film Forum, JellyFest, BBR Short Film Festival, Red Movie Awards.”

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