2019 / drama / 1h 41min / directed by Ken Loach / written by Paul Laverty / country: UK | France | Belgium / language: English

“The film has a lot to say about the failures of modern society but Loach makes sure that the story is about the characters, not the issues. Laverty’s script has dozens of subtle, telling details that make us feel their agonizing dilemmas more sharply… This film follows Loach’s Palme d’Or winner “I, Daniel Blake,” which broke our hearts with the story of good people destroyed by an initially well-intentioned but crushing and impersonal bureaucracy. It showed a social safety net designed to help the poor and sick but so constricted by rules to increase efficiency and prevent abuse that it is unable to recognize simple but essential human need.”
Nell Minow,

“A film tackling this subject matter could be thankless and grim but Loach and his longtime screenwriter Paul Laverty reach past that through the compassion they show for their characters. The result is that we care about them, too, even as we are suffused with outrage and frustration. Loach gets the lion’s share of credit for his distinctive films but credit should properly be shared with Laverty. The genius of their work is that it’s heartbreakingly real but never preachy or pedantic. If I had to sum up Sorry We Missed You I would choose another adjective instead: devastating.”
Leonard Maltin

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