a.k.a. Shepherd: The Hero Dog / 2020 / action family mystery / 1hr 33min /
based on the novel by Asher Kravitz / directed by Lynn Roth /
country: USA, Hungary / language: English /

“Kaleb, a beautiful German Shepherd, grows up with a Jewish family in 1930’s Berlin and develops a deep bond with the family’s ten-year old son, Joshua. But with the passage of the Nuremberg Laws, it is decreed that Jews are forbidden to have pets. With great sadness, Joshua’s father is forced to give Kaleb away. Unwanted by his new owner who labels him a ‘Jewish Dog’ Kaleb flees and runs all the way back home to find his family, but it’s too late. They are gone. Kaleb becomes a street dog and joins a pack of wild dogs. After weeks on the street, he is swept up and brought to a Nazi training camp. There he’s taught how to hunt, track, and attack Jews. Kaleb becomes the dog of an SS Officer, Ralph, in a work camp. Ralph is kind and caring to Kaleb, who seems grateful to once again have a home.

One day, a train arrives at the camp. Kaleb is there to attack anyone who tries to escape, but a familiar scent distracts him. Suddenly, he sees Joshua, his beloved master and friend. Joshua secretly visits the dog at night. Starving, he steals some dog food for himself and the other prisoners in his barracks, causing Joshua to almost lose his life. Together, Kaleb and Joshua manage to escape into the forest.”

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