Ehky ya Scheherazade (original title) / 2009 / drama / 2h 12min /
written by Wahid Hamid / directed by Yousry Nasrallah /
country: Egypt / language: Arabic with English subtitles

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“SCHEHERAZADE: TELL ME A STORY is a tale ripped from today’s headlines and yet a clever reference to the myths and lore of the Middle East. When her husband (Hassan Saeed) asks her to tone down the subversive political rhetoric on her program, Egyptian talk show host Hebba (Mona Zaki) draws even more heat by beginning a series that explores the experience of women in contemporary Egypt. As three women speak out about the mistreatment they’ve suffered in a deeply patriarchal society, Hoda must contend with her own disintegrating marriage. “Lively, swift, vibrantly colorful and for the most part wonderfully acted, the film is slyly aware of the daytime talk show as a vehicle for women’s concerns.” ~ The New York Times”

(source: ArtMattan Productions)

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