2019 / action comedy / 1hr 32min /
written by Jovonny Holloway / directed by Jovonny Holloway /
country: USA / language: English /

“Set in the fictional 77th Precinct of the Los Angeles Police Department, Dirty Cops follows two Detectives that play by a different set of rules. Det. Jackson an ex-Hustler turned cop has never seen a line that he wasn’t willing to cross. Accompanied by his Partner Det. Johnson, ex-Gang member turned shady Do-Gooder, the two bring a new meaning to the phrase “Boys In Blue”. Although Jack and Johnson are normally prey-Occupied with robbing and assaulting the city’s criminal element, they also make time to close a few cases along the way. The City’s been taken over by an outsider known as “EL Jefe”, a Mexican drug lord that has decided to make L.A his new home. Jackson and Johnson plan on helping him get “settled in”. Dirty Cops, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys meets NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Hilariously funny ensemble cast keeps the viewer laughing and guessing. The precinct also includes a sassy and clever desk Sgt. (Sgt. Rawlings), an Old School “Crooked” Police Captain (Capt. Davis) and a few other Detectives that are collectively L.A’s Finest “Dirty Cops”.”

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