original title: Kûki ningyô / 2009 / romance, fantasy, drama / 2h 5min /
written by Hirokazu Koreeda / directed by Hirokazu Koreeda /
country: Japan / language: Japanese with English subtitles /

“A life-size Air Doll lives in a shabby apartment in Tokyo. She cannot speak, nor can she move. But she is the only companion her middle-aged master has. He talks to her, puts her in a bath & makes love with her every day after he returns from work. This routine life disrupted when fantasy turns into reality. A romantic fantasy that explores the complexities of love & loss, joy & pain, fantasy & reality, internationally acclaimed Director Kore-eda Hirokazu returns with this bittersweet love story that examines the intricacies & frailties of human existence.”

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