2021 / documentary / 17 mins /
written by Phillip E. Walker / directed by Phillip E. Walker /
country: USA / language: English


“Already having earned 45 film festival Awards including Dubai’s IFAME Golden Camel 2022 BEST EXPERIMENTAL and BEST HISTORICAL FILM plus 2022 Black Lady and 24 FPS’ 2021 BEST PERFORMER of the YEAR honors, on the Lunar New Year 2022 Black History Month (BHM) begin depicting a more than half century of artist activism by International Motion Picture Critics 2021 LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDEE Phillip E. Walker-MFA. After acknowledging PhilE’s foundations, this petite motion picture displays the igniting of Walker’s activist life beginning as a novice thespian realizing the power of art while delivering the “I Have A Dream” speech to his 1968 Southside of Chicago high school total population on the morning after Dr. King’s assassination. The Video Memoir then continues through Phil’s major participation in the movements that encouraged currently popular Black History Month and Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebrations through his African American Drama Company’s extensive traveling. Depicted next is this Walker family patriarch actively standing up against Hollywood producers’ illegal treatment of their employees. With the purpose of encouraging all 50 United States of America to officially recognize the new Juneteenth National Holiday, let us just call “2022 Black History Month” a memoir short film displaying performing arts as a justice making tool.”

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