2020 / documentary / 1h 36min /
written by Davy Rothbart, Jennifer Tiexiera / directed by Davy Rothbart /
country: USA / language: English

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“An absolutely devastating, powerful, and deeply moving film.”
— Tim Cogshell, FilmWeek
(KPCC – NPR Los Angeles)

“In 1999, filmmaker Davy Rothbart met Emmanuel Sanford-Durant and his older brother, Smurf, during a pickup basketball game in Southeast Washington, D.C. Davy began filming their lives, and soon the two brothers and other family members began to use the camera themselves. Spanning 20 years, this story illuminates a national, ongoing crisis through one family’s raw, stirring and deeply personal saga. Made from more than 1,000 hours of footage, it all starts on the street where they lived in 1999, 17 blocks behind the U.S. Capitol.”

(source: Music Box Films)

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