“ 7 DAYS ”

FEBRUARY 21ˢᵗ — 27ᵗʰ /2020


back by petulant demand: Musings from the Music hall three. (To pete, this section.)

2/21/2020, 1:27 a.m., R.I.P. Andrew Weatherall*. it’s unclear to me just now what i’d journal’d here before, because i crave to reiterate- Agh! fUDGE! GOTDang, skeeter hovering about. those things suck blood don’t they? tchsheeit. that’s MY blood. i know sharing is caring, i know the expression. i don’t care. not like this. not like this… anyway, this work isn’t over, but this page here is done. so i’m moving on. one love. (*see here; & also, too, this.) ….8:41 a.m. final touches on the calendar on this here page. having sent out the first newsletter; god, it hurts to care so much… stupid. (link.) tonight’s work has been soundtrack’d by NTS radio, Adult Swim programmings 12 Oz Mouse & Eagleheart, and the screaming voices coming in from outside my window.
one love.

“ On February 18, 1977, an Army battalion descended on Iconic Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s sprawling compound popularly regarded as Kalakuta Republic where the Afrobeat legend resided. By the time the Army was done with their ‘evil deeds’, the compound was a shadow of its self. The raid which took place in the early hours of 18th February came as a shock because it was overrun by over a thousand soldiers under the guise of arresting the Afrobeat legend for keeping under-aged girls in his residence. His mother who would later die from the injuries she sustained. ” (link)
This is the next line, where more words will go, only these words will be mine. this will be archived until The Gods decide it be otherwise. love, a soldier of cinema. This kind of thing, updating this site, is not only time consuming; it’s an ephemeral labour of love, worth all the life it’s culled outta me; <33.

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